About Me

Imagination is more important than knowledge - Albert Einstein


Traveling is something that I have loved doing all my life. I love getting to know new people, cultures and countries. Besides the fact that I have had the pleasure to travel all over the world, I have had the opportunity to live in several countries as well. Living abroad has been a great experience, it helps with personal growth as well as the augmentation of a global perspective.

Another hobby of mine is technology. Every since I got my first computer, I've always loved to play around with it and try out new things. Whenever something could be tweaked, tuned or used in any other way, I did so. The means of problem solving has always been interesting to me and I have always, or at least almost always, enjoyed the problems I have encountered during my tweaking.

More recently, I have also started getting into photography. I love searching for beautiful compositions or that minute detail, which captures an exclusive moment and scenery. It always takes a lengthy and enduring period of time as well as thousands of photos to capture that one perfect shot, however when you've taken it, it makes you feel proud, relieved and  content.

- Pascal