Traveling is one of my most favorite hobbies. It allows me to discover new places, people and

cultures. Having lived in several countries, on several continents has created this interest to get to know and understand new cultures, people and countries.

In this aspect of life I have been very fortunate. Similarly to me, my parents love to discover new places and countries as well. With them I have had the pleasure to visit many beautiful, distinct and incredible places all over the globe. Throughout my travels a cultural awareness as arisen and it was further developed during my year abroad in Singapore. UWCSEA, the school I went to during my time in Singapore, was a key factor in this development. The multicultural of the school and the country itself have open up my eyes in many respects.

Traveling has also stimulated another hobby of mine, photography. No matter where I go there are always many beautiful landscapes and interesting subjects through the viewfinder. I always try to take that perfect shot and even though I have taken many gorgeous, each new one is different and has it's own character.